Franklin dupresseIn 1727 Benjamin Franklin founded The Junto, a club with members from diverse occupations and backgrounds dedicated to mutual improvement and the public good through discussions of morals, politics, and science. That mission remains relevant today.

Junto Media helps experts become influencers.

Junto Media exists to make evidence, experts, and expertise the focal points of public discourse. We arm subject matter experts with the technology, resources, access and know-how necessary to ensure that empiricism and critical thinking are the driving rationales for our society.

  • We create opportunities for scientists and scholars to engage the media and the public.
  • We teach experts the best practices for social and traditional media communications.
  • We develop compelling, captivating stories around experts and their work.

In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin—entrepreneur, scientist, and statesman—Junto Media is creating and distributing compelling content to highly targeted, fully engaged audiences across the country and around the world.